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MENT TV new 4K TV studio. Full pathfinder core pro control.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

TVV Sound Project was one of the companies responsible for the complete renovation of the old TV studio as well as the construction of the new TV studio. The complete integration of sound and video is done by Pathfinder Core Pro. This matrix determines the full flow of Ment TV. All switching on video mixer, graphics, SVO's, keys, playout, ... are all done via pathfinder core pro. We also made everything automated, so there is no need for any director in the studio. The presenter can make a full show with guests fully automated. (Auto switching of camera's with level detection, automatic videoclip triggers, automatic key selection, etc...)

Pathfinder Core Pro serves these things: - All Axia devices such as Axia fusion (console), Axia Powerstation (DSP), Axia Xnodes (I / O). - All Omnia devices such as Omnia9 (Audio processor), VOCO8 (Microphone processor). - All Telos devices such as Telos ZIP Stream (Streamer), SDI Xnode (Embed, demebed SDI audio to / from video) - Multicam systems (using get / post API, AI device that controls the cameras) - Panasonic cameras AW-UE150 | 4K (using TCP commands) - Ross Carbonite panel (using TCP commands) - Ross Expression (using TCP commands) - Caliope playout system (using TCP commands and Virtual GPIO) - KVM Matrix (using TCP commands) - PTZ controller (based on GPIO) - Qbus home automation system (based on GPIO) The furniture was first fully drawn in 3D and then taken into production with a CNC machine.

You can find the following items in the furniture: - Axia Fusion console 4 fader + 10 LCD button panel - Yellowtec M! Ka TV arm onair - Yellowtec Lit onair - Neumann TLM microphones with shock mount - Tablet with IP Tablet software - Pioneer direct drive PLX-500 record player - Microphone processor Voco8 - Axia GPIO Xnode - Axia analog Xnode - Built-in headphone amps, sockets, usb ports, ...)

Monitors consist of: - 2 x Neumann KH310A for the DJ - 6 x Neumann KH120A for the guests + stage - 2 x Neumann KH80DSSP for the director room - x number of smaller speakers distributed over the complex that is controlled via Dateq Mac808 zone amplifier

In the director room you can find the following: - Axia Fusion console 8 fader + 20 LCD buttons + monitor module - Axia Powerstation - IP Tablet - Telos VSet - Soundweb London Blue (delay line for the monitors)

In the technical room you can find the following: - Multicam Systems server - Pathfinder Core pro - Telos VX prime - Omnia 9 audio processor - Telos ZIP Stream - Telos SDI Xnode Gen1 - Telos SDI Xnode Gen2 - Axia mixed Xnode

Custom HTML5 pages have also been created so that the DJ / Director always has control over everything. For instance; with a pre-recording of only the DJ, the DJ can choose his preset via a tablet and switch shots every time.

This was fase 1 of renewing the studio's of Ment TV, there will be added al lot of more functions in the future such as AI, face tracking, ... More information about MENT TV:

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