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New recordingstudio for Luisterpunt Bib.

What is Luisterpunt Bib? Luisterpunt Bib. is the Flemish public library for people with reading disabilities.

They deliver literature in an adapted form to anyone who has difficulty in reading ordinary printed books.

There books are available in two special formats: Daisy audiobooks and Braille books. TVV Sound Project built a complete acoustic recording room for Luisterpunt Bib. that meets all the customer's requirements. The new AoIP (Audio over IP) digital studio from Axia consists of an Axia DSP QOR16 in combination with an Axia IQ Mainframe.

We used Yellowtec M!ka microphone arms and monitor arms for ergonomic and aesthetic reasons.

The Neumann TLM microphones and the build in microphone processing provides excellent sound for recording audiobooks.

The studio was first digitally designed according to the wishes of the customer, taking into account the acoustic requirements and study.

The studio can also be operated wirelessly via a tablet on WiFi.

An extensive template for production staff and a simple template for the reader/speaker. This ensures that a recording can be done by only the reader/speaker himself at the spot.

Through custom created software it is also possible to control the recording software of Luisterpunt Bib. with the wireless tablet.

We were also asked to provide certain graphic artwork in the studio.

In order to not disturb the acoustics in the recording cell, we have opted for a custom created solution with acoustic wall covering.

For more information about Luisterpunt Bib.:

For more information about studio's, please contact us:

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