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Topradio - New AoIP studios!

Topradio new studio's are ready. And this time fully audio over IP!

The main studio has a Axia QOR32 with a IQ8 mainframe and expansion frame. Microphone arms: Yellowtec M!ka. Telephone system: Telos HX2 + VSET. The backup studio has the same setup as the main studio.

Listen to Topradio online on or: Oost-Vlaanderen:

Aalst 102.7 FM x Gent, Deinze 102.8 FM x Sint-Gillis-Waas 105.3 FM


Brugge, Roeselare en Noord-West-Vlaanderen 94.0 FM x Ieper, Poperinge, Westhoek 105.7 FM x Kortrijk 92.7 FM x Oostende 105.4 FM x Staden 105.5 FM


Antwerpen 104.2 FM x Geel 106.3 FM x Mechelen 104.8 FM x Turnhout 105.1 FM


Leuven 102.6 FM


Genk 105.4 FM x Hasselt 99.2 FM


Orange TV Kanaal 868 x Telenet TV Kanaal 913 x Telenet TV (Brussel) Kanaal 933 x Vlaanderen via DAB+

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