Turn your phone into a studio!

Centrance, a leading manufacturer of innovative, portable mixing and recording devices for the broadcast, podcast, music and recording industries has appointed TVV Sound as their dealer for the Benelux.

Centrance CEO Michael Goodman says ‘we are thrilled to work together with the team at TVV in Belgium. We’re impressed with their technical capabilities and knowledge of the broadcast, podcast and music industries.”

“We have just introduced a series of new products, including the MicPortPro, Cerene dB headphones and MixerFace, which we created for podcasters and remote broadcast applications. With the growth, we wanted to have more support for our many customers in the Benelux, which is what we now have with our local partnership with TVV”, added Goodman.

About Centrance For nearly two decades, the world’s most iconic brands in Pro Audio and Consumer Electronics turned to CEntrance for its digital audio technology. CEntrance know-how powers award-winning guitar pedals, recording interfaces, smart speakers, and DACs from an A-Z list of top brands, such as Alesis, Harman, McIntosh, and Zoom. Today, with its passion for sound rooted in pro audio, CEntrance delights customers worldwide with its own line of innovative, award-winning products for audio recording and playback. Famous recording artists, producers, voice-over professionals, and sound designers endorse CEntrance audio solutions for their audio quality and reliability. Visit us at


Turn Your Phone Into a Recording Studio


A unique combination of Mobile Mixer, Recorder, and USB Audio Interface, MixerFace features warm analog precision and a rechargeable battery that lasts 8 hours. This sets it apart from other recording interfaces and makes MixerFace your ideal companion on the road. Handheld and easy to use, MixerFace is great for podcasting, video blogging,  streaming, gigging and other mobile recording uses.

MixerFace records to the built-in SD card, your smartphone, or even both (R4R model). It turns your phone into a Recording Studio, letting you capture musical ideas, interviews, or live events anywhere. Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and PC, it’s lightweight and makes it easy to produce professional-quality audio on the go. Whether you record Music, Podcasts or DSLR Video this product is for you.

Famous Musicians use MixerFace to record album tracks. Top Voice-over actors use it to record on-air spots and promos. Radio journalists use it to record interviews. Houses of Worship use it to stream services on Facebook and Instagram. Traveling Podcasters use it to record all over the world. Try MixerFace for yourself today, you won’t be disappointed!


Your smartphone is an amazing audio production tool. Many apps let you edit, produce, and then upload your audio online in minutes. But how do you get quality audio into the phone in the first place? Now it’s simple! Set the MixerFace on your coffee table, connect a mic and the phone, start your favorite recording app and you’re recording — it’s that easy! Have a particular vocal mic that suits your voice? No problem. MixerFace offers 48V phantom power to accommodate any high-end condenser. The custom designed Jasmine Mic Pres™ deliver a world-class signal, designed to capture every nuance of the performance. MixerFace is a professional Mobile Recording Interface™. It delivers broadcast-level audio quality.


This hand-held recording marvel packs a number of features previously available only in studio interfaces, into an ideal form-factor for traveling audio professionals. MixerFace includes two boutique mic preamps with independent gain controls and LED level monitoring, 48V phantom power, Hi-Z inputs for guitar and bass, and more into a handheld device the size of a passport! By transforming your smartphone into a portable recording studio MixerFace creates an end-to-end mobile recording solution for journalists, podcasters, voiceover artists, videographers and touring musicians — anyone who records on the go.


MixerFace R4 has two Neutrik™ combo inputs, which accommodate microphones, line level instruments, guitars or bases. You can plug your guitar straight in. But R4 is also a versatile mixer. I has an Auxiliary stereo input that can be mixed in right on the top panel. So if you want to add a drum machine or another mixer, it’s there. R4 also has Balanced outputs, an Unbalanced stereo output and a Headphone output. The top panel gives easy access to all of the adjustments with familiar analog pots. No searching through menu pages to find the right adjustment — quick and easy control is always at your fingertips. R4 can work as a Mixer even if you’re not using it to record!


Catch the Inspiration

Capture that next big song idea anywhere — at home, on the tour bus, in a hotel room, or live on stage. Rest assured, the preamps in MixerFace R4 will handle your delicate mics with elegance and grace. And the Hi-Z inputs let you record electric guitar and bass — anywhere inspiration strikes you. MixerFace is a great songwriting tool and idea pad!

Podcasts, Interviews, VO

MixerFace makes it easy to record podcasts, interviews or voice-overs in the studio and on the road. Make broadcast-quality recordings while you travel. MixerFace is your studio-to-go. All you need is your favorite mic (or two, if you are doing an interview) and your smartphone, to capture the recording. Leave that laptop behind and travel light!

Better Audio for Video

MixerFace mounts to a tripod and packs two studio mic preamps, letting you use professional mics with your video camera. Plug the line output right into your DSLR to dramatically improve the audio quality of your videos. And MixerFace R4R also has a built-in micro-SD card recorder, so you can record to both camera and micro SD card, for extra safety.

Reach More Subscribers

Your phone is an amazing podcasting machine, but its tiny microphone cannot capture the real sounds around you. This is where MixerFace comes in. It’s lightweight, portable and will go where you go. Most importantly, it can connect nice mics to your phone, so you can sound like a pro and get more likes from your channel’s subscribers!

Ultimate Field Recorder

MixerFace R4 likes to be outside. We designed the recorder for reliable service in the field. The case is made from tough, lightweight aluminum. Tactile analog controls on the top panel make adjustments quick and easy. And the MixerFace R4B model comes with a pair of precision-matched Stereo XY microphones, ideal for any kind of field recording!


Turn Your Phone Into a Recording Studio


For busy creatives who travel light, MicPort Pro 2 is a portable USB mic preamp that makes it easy to record on-the-go, with professional quality. Ideal for speech and music recording, MicPort Pro 2 can turn your phone into a recording studio, or a live-streaming broadcast facility. Smaller than most mics, it is feature-rich, easy to use, and travel-friendly.

A built-in, rechargeable battery sets MicPort Pro 2 apart from other portable audio interfaces, making it your ideal companion for the road. Now you can record  directly to your phone or tablet and leave that laptop behind. The low-noise Jasmine™ mic preamp, zero latency blend control and a musical, soft-knee limiter combine to create a professional vocal processor, putting MicPort Pro 2 in a class of its own.

Record, edit and share your work online. From anywhere. Other recording interfaces are either tied to the wall or go through batteries too quickly. MicPort Pro 2 lasts the entire session on a full charge and works anywhere you go — perfect for podcasting, broadcasting, interviewing and streaming live from location.

If you are a voice-over actor, broadcaster or radio journalist, you already know the CEntrance MicPort Pro Classic. That breakthrough audio interface connected any professional mic to a computer for making professional recordings on the go. Endorsed by 100+ broadcasters, including Beau Weaver and Joe Cipriano, it formed a bridge between your laptop and your favorite professional mic, such as U87, TLM 103, and MKH-416. The classic MicPort Pro didn’t work with your phone, but now that’s changed.

The new MicPort Pro 2, has a built-in rechargeable battery and records to phones and tablets. With a host of professional features, MicPort Pro 2 is versatile, easy to use and travel-friendly.


Audio Features

Low noise, high-gain Jasmine™ preamp delivers professional resultsNeutrik™ combo XLR jack for mic, line or instrument sourcesAnalog soft limiter that stays out of the way of your vocal (optional)Second channel records a safety copy at -12dB to prevent clippingCustom AmpExtreme™ headphone amp offers clarity, detail and volume

Recording Features

Records to Android, iOS, Windows, Mac – almost any device you haveInput blend control with zero latency lets you adjust background levelHi-Z input acts as a “direct box” for recording electric guitar or bassHigh Pass Filter to cut the wind noise when recording on locationVelvetSound™ A-to-D converter records your audio in studio quality

Additional Features

Rechargeable battery lets you record to your phone, anywhereInternal battery charges from any standard USB charger or a laptopLatching XLR connector provides secure retention for your mic cableHard switch for 48V Phantom, included by popular demandAircraft-grade aluminum chassis for scratch protection and durability


Catch the Inspiration

Capture that next big song idea anywhere — at home, on the tour bus, in a hotel room, or live on stage. Rest assured, the preamp in MicPort Pro 2 will handle your delicate mics with elegance and grace. And the Hi-Z input lets you record electric guitar and bass — anywhere inspiration strikes you. MicPort Pro2 is a great capture or streaming tool!

Podcasts, Interviews, VO

MicPort Pro 2 makes it easy to record podcasts, interviews or voice-overs in the studio and on the road. Make broadcast-quality recordings while you travel. There is no need to go into a studio. All you need to capture the recording is your favorite mic and your smartphone. Leave that laptop behind and travel light!

Effects on Your Phone

MicPort Pro 2 lets you use your phone as an effects processor. Small and travel-friendly, MicPort Pro will get your guitar, bass or mic signal in and out of the phone cleanly and quietly. Use an app such as GarageBand, Bias FX, AmpKit, etc. Adjust the right amount of dry/wet effect blend and jam, record or play on stage!

Streaming on the Go

Your phone is an amazing podcasting machine, but its tiny microphone cannot capture the real sounds around you. This is where MicPort Pro 2 comes in. It’s lightweight, portable and will go where you go. Most importantly, it can connect nice mics to your phone, so you can sound like a pro and get more likes from your channel’s subscribers!

A Legend, Re-imagined

The original, award-winning MicPort Pro is still used by the BBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR and others. It is endorsed by professional musicians and voice-over artists worldwide. Wait till you get version 2!

“Lest anyone think digital audio converters can’t get smaller and still maintain good sound quality, CEntrance’s MicPort Pro stands ready to take on all doubters.”      – EM Magazine


Curated, Confident, Consistent


Cerene dB headphones live up to their name — offering a controlled natural, transparent sound with a full spectrum of audiophile enjoyment. Known for the successful line of personal audio products, including award-winning DACs and mobile recording devices, CEntrance’s debut into the world of headphones has been highly anticipated.

The new Cerene dB headphones represent years of research into headphone performance. CEntrance wanted to improve what’s currently on the market and spoke with loyal customers – professional musicians and audiophiles to understand what’s truly important in headphone design. Sound quality, comfort, sound isolation, and affordability emerged as key factors. Armed with that research, CEntrance set out to create the ultimate pair of headphones that would live up to the “affordable excellence” moniker that Stereophile Magazine has used to describe CEntrance audiophile products.

We learned a lot about studio monitoring and audiophile listening and it was time to pair our recording and playback equipment with a set of headphones that matched the CEntrance reputation for quality and dependability,” said Michael Goodman, CEntrance’s CEO. “We spent over a year tuning the Cerene dB headphones to sound truthful and acoustically transparent, allowing users to hear all the details, whether they listen for work or fun—or both.”

Cerene dB are closed-back headphones with a circumaural design for superior acoustic isolation. Premium synthetic leather ear pads and a padded headband provide comfort during long listening sessions. Large dynamic, neodymium drivers offer precise bass and extended high-end, equally great for recording and mixing, or enjoying favorite music. A foldable design with two-way, 180-degree cup rotation provides flexible storage options and makes the new headphones perfect for travel.

Cerene dB headphones were designed for a wide range of discerning listeners in the CEntrance customer community: audiophiles, recording and touring artists, studio engineers, broadcasters, and podcasters.


ConstructionFoldable design with two-way, 180° cup rotation for flexible storage options and ease of travelPremium ear pads provide comfort during long listening sessionsPadded synthetic leather headband that’s soft and easy to care forCable length: 1.5 m, perfect length for desktop and portable useCable type: Shielded pair of oxygen-free, braided copper wireStraight, ultra-flexible TPE jacket, designed to minimize cable memoryMolded strain relief on both sides of the cable  to minimize stressWeight: 364 gAudio SpecsTailored frequency response (10 Hz – 26 kHz), for full audio spectrum performanceHigh power handling capability (1800 mW at 40 Ohm, 900 mW per channel)45 mm dynamic, neodymium drivers for high sensitivity and improved transient responseHigh sensitivity: 96dB,  +/- 3dB,  means there is plenty of loudness for all environments3.5mm (1/8″) gold-plated stereo plug that fits front panels of modern portable equipment1/4″ adapter available separatelySound SignaturePrecise bass and extended high-end, equally great for recording and mixingAccurate low frequency delivery with custom tuning for voice and musicCurated, confident midrange for precise reproduction of vocal performanceClear high-frequency presentation for truthful delivery of  top end contentConsistent with “CEntrance sound”: Transparent reference for professionals and audiophiles

Work or Play

Cerene dB headphones fit comfortably on the head. They are lightweight and feature ample padding in the ear cushions and headband. This adds comfort during long sessions, whether you use them for work or play. Cerene dB were designed to deliver clear, wide-band sound and great protection from external noise.

Catch the Inspiration​

Capture that next big song idea anywhere — at home, on the tour bus, or live on stage. Rest assured, the superb acoustical insulation will keep external noise down, while preserving the music in it’s clearest form, the way you —the artist— intended. We made these headphones truthful, which means great for mixing and mastering.

Travel in Comfort

The folding design saves space in your backpack, so you can pack lightly and take your music with you. The 1.5 m cable length is just right while on the run in the city or when working at a desk. Molded strain relief on both ends ensures longevity and stress-free operation. The oxygen-free, stranded copper wire cable is protected by a tough, flexible TPE jacket.

Studio-grade quality

At CEntrance we are both audiophiles and pros, so we designed these headphones to live up to their name — offering a natural, transparent sound with a full spectrum of audiophile enjoyment. Precisely controlled, tight bass, truthful mids and open, airy highs makes these headphones ideal for a variety of music genres, from classical to modern.

Excitement above all

Customer satisfaction and excitement are the forces that keep driving us forward. Go ahead, put these on and you too will be transported into the land of soothing sounds, making you feel calm and giving you some  “Cerene dB”!

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