We create your dream studio!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Do you have an idea what your studio needs to look like or do you give us carte blanche? We design a total concept for your studio custom made!

We work out everything in detail with the client's demands. The customer gets a clear pictures and videos of how his future furniture / studio will be looking through a 3D model. This means that all adjustments can happen quickly before going in production. More information contact us at

We also offer total acoustic solutions.

We are available to professional recording studios, broadcasts, restaurants, restaurants, offices, schools, architects, contractors, private individuals and more.

With unique and well-thought-out acoustic solutions, we are able to bring professional total projects to a successful conclusion.

You can rely on us for the preparation of an “acoustic study and design” with acoustic measurements, for specialized advice, project follow-up and implementation, for installing acoustic products such as acoustic panels, box-in-a-box, lighting and furniture.

This is how we make the difference in the audio sector.

With the help of reliable partners and a driven team, TVV Sound Projecct invests daily in exceptional quality and professional service.

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