Axia iProbe IP-Audio Network Management Software

iProbe software helps with management, updating, and remote control of any Axia system. It has a powerful auto-documentation feature that generates configuration docs for every device, an Organizer that allows grouping networked audio devices into logical groups for easy management, facilitates uploading software to single or multiple devices, makes device configuration backups and more.


  • Discovery: the ability to scan your Axia Livewire® network for Control Surfaces, Nodes (AES, Analog, GPIO), and Mixing Engines, as well as any Livewire devices from Axia Hardware Partners.

  • Displays current firmware versions running on the all connected devices and gives you the ability to update firmware remotely, one device at a time or in logical groups of similar devices.

  • Displays all the devices in your Livewire system and allows you to browse directly to a selected device’s Web-based remote control interface. There is no need to type the device IP address into your browser.

  • Complete configuration backup capabilities of individual devices, or all devices within your Livewire system.

  • Integrated Syslog server for automated event logging.

  • Auto-Documentation feature exports complete system data to a format of your choice for secure backup. 

  • Built-in iPlay module allows you to listen instantly to any channel on your network, and verify the levels of a given source.

Axia iProbe IP-Audio Network Management Software