Axia Quasar table-top frame incl power supply

Quasar is Axias new, state-of-the-art broadcast mixing system. Beautiful and rugged, with durable and scratch-resistant work surfaces, high-resolution color TFT displays and RGB pushbuttons throughout, plus an industrial-grade 12.1" TFT IPS Touchscreen, the Quasar modular console is built like a tank.

With its easy to use User Interface, advanced ergonomics, top-quality components, and a massive feature set, Quasar raises the bar, once again setting new quality standards for native AoIP broadcast consoles.

Available in sizes from 8 to 28 faders per frame, with support for up to 64 faders in multiple linked frames, the console offers a reduced footprint and directly connects to an Axia network with a single or dual redundant Ethernet cable. Frames are available in both Table-Top and Flush-Mount versions and can be converted from one type to the other.

The Quasar control surface is completely fanless, with built-in industrial-grade Power Supply Units, available in either single or redundant configuration. Up to four PSUs can be fitted in a single console frame depending on frame size and configuration desired.


  • 2.5u
  • 3.5u
  • 4.5u
  • 5.5u
  • 6.5u
  • 7.5u
  • 8.5u

Axia Quasar table-top frame incl power supply