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R&S®THR9 Liquid-Cooled FM Transmitter 20kW

Key Facts

  • Energy efficiency of up to 75 %
  • Maximum robustness and extremely low service costs thanks to redundant liquid cooling system
  • Small footprint through integration of multiple transmitters and highest power density
  • FM and HD Radio™ transmitters for band II

The R&S®THR9 contains open source software packages. Copies of the respective licenses are included in the Open Source Acknowledgement, see Downloads/Software area of this web page.


Brief Description

The R&S®THR9 high-power FM transmitter family makes terrestrial broadcasting of audio broadcast signals extremely efficient and also saves space. These high-power transmitters feature an energy efficiency of up to 75 %. Liquid cooling and the integration of multiple transmitters in a single rack minimize space requirements. Audio broadcast network operators benefit from extremely low energy costs, maximum robustness and minimum maintenance expenses over the entire system lifetime.

The liquid-cooled transmitters deliver FM output power of up to 40 kW per rack and up to 80 kW in two racks. The integration versatility ranges from single transmitters with built-in pump unit and space for additional system components to multitransmitter systems and even N+1 configurations in a single rack. By making it possible to integrate high output powers as well as multiple transmitters, Rohde & Schwarz offers the highest power density per rack.

The R&S®THR9 transmitter family for band II attains efficiency values of up to 75 % in analog FM mode. Unlike air-cooled FM transmitters, the R&S®THR9 incorporates a completely redundant and highly efficient transmitter cooling infrastructure. As a result, the cooling infrastructure and the transmitters are perfectly matched, which offers major advantages in 24/7 operation. The R&S®THR9 highpower transmitter family supports the hybrid HD Radio™ standard (IBOC) as well as purely digital standards in band II.

R&S®THR9 Liquid-Cooled FM Transmitter 20kW

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