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3 Channels MPX Detector (MPXLCD3) AEROAUDIO

The detector is designed to monitor up to 3 MPX signals and switch to the output. The input that is active, so connected to the output, is also displayed on the display and the audio signal is audible on the headset.

If the "main" input (MPX input 1) is lost, one of the two other sources will be switched to the output. This is visible on the display of the detector by the text BACKUP: MPX2 or MPX3. This text also blinks so it is clear that the main input has failed.

Switching the mpx signal (from one of the inputs to the output) is done by relays, so that the signal is not affected.

Switching at silence of an input occurs with a priority of the lowest number. Example: If inputs 2 and 3 are both present, input 2 will always be switched to the output. At inputs 1 and 2 it is always input 1.

The detector also checks the 19Khz signal. Its status can be seen in the web interface.

The detector has a network interface for displaying status, configuring configuration and sending alerts. Status notifications occur by means of Emails. The settings for this can be done in the web interface. This interface can be operated via a web browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).

3 Channels MPX Detector (MPXLCD3) AEROAUDIO

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