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Gizmo headphone amplifier

Radio jocks love loud headphones. Maybe they expect to hear everything with the phones around their necks. Maybe they want to watch the cans jumping to the beat. No matter the reasons, the Headphone Gizmo will give them all the volume they crave. And if your talent prefers to hear all the detail and nuance in their headphones, the precision analog circuitry in the Headphone Gizmo is as transparent as it is loud.

Headphone Gizmos mount to the underside of your counter to save desktop space, always right where they’re needed and never in the way. The low-profile design has contoured edges to prevent painful knee incursions. Both ¼ inch and ⅛ inch jacks are provided. Whether your talent uses full coverage phones or modern IEMs, the Headphone Gizmo will drive them to perfection.

Feed the Headphone Gizmo stereo audio via its RJ-45 input connector (StudioHub+ format) from your node or blade output. Adapters are available for most audio connector types. A convenient daisy-chain output passes the signal along to the next device. Power the Headphone Gizmo from a StudioHub+ power supply inserter or the included wall adapter.The Headphone Gizmo is available in two versions, one with a local volume control and the other with fixed gain. Like all Angry Audio products, the Headphone Gizmo is built for the rigors of radio with its powder-coated steel enclosure, premium components, and RFI-immune circuitry. It will sound amazing for years.


Gizmo headphone amplifier

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