IC.1D 20-Station Desktop Intercom - IP Intercom

The IC.1D 20-station desktop intercom is perfect for producers, screeners, etc. IC.1D has 20 preset stations presented on LED-backlit button caps; an economical way to add intercom function to any space. 20 LED-backlit film-cap buttons can be labeled with station names and programmed using a built-in Web interface and any browser. The OLED callback window lets users identify and answer calls from remote stations that aren’t programmed on a local “speed” key. IC.1D includes a built-in speaker and front-panel 4-pin locking headset jack. All it takes to add it to your intercom network is a single CAT-5 connected to the rear-panel Ethernet port; a built-in auto-sensing power supply eliminates nasty “wall warts.”


Axia® IP Intercom is the only broadcast intercom system that takes advantage of the ease and efficiency of proven IP-Audio technology. Using a standard Ethernet backbone, IP Intercom saves on cost, space, and installation time, and eliminates special plug-in cards altogether.

The advantages of IP and Ethernet – low cost, easy installation and maintenance, efficient infrastructure – are well known. Installing IP Intercom is as simple as clicking together Ethernet gear! And of course it’s easily scalable: plug as many stations into your switch as you want and add on from there. There’s no expensive, hard-wired, custom-cable multi-pair infrastructure to deal with.

If you don’t have an Axia studio network, IP Intercom can still help you save money, increase efficiency, and decrease the hard-wired infrastructure hassle It’s a stand-alone system with I/O that will accommodate multiple mixing consoles. But if you do have an Axia system, you’ll get seamless console integration that gives your operators benefits other systems can’t, like the ability to take broadcast quality intercom audio directly to air, and feed IFB audio directly to intercom callers.

The IP Intercom system includes a variety of desktop and rackmount stations, a software Intercom application that turns any PC into an intercom station, and drop-in modules for popular Axia mixing consoles.

IC.1D 20-Station Desktop Intercom - IP Intercom




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