Infinity Dashboard Software

Telos Infinity Dashboard is unlike other Intercom system management tools. By displaying the entire Intercom system as a single page view without the clutter of multiple tabs and embedded menus, the operator is able to navigate quickly, and within minutes take control to create or manage a working IP Intercom. Create unlimited Groups, Partylines and IFBs, drag-and-drop functions directly onto Panel and Beltpack keys in real-time, and manage AoIP sources and destinations as though they are physical ports on a virtualized Intercom matrix.

Telos Infinity Dashboard is much more than a configuration tool for Telos Infinity IP Intercom. Dashboard also manages all hardware and software elements within the system, including software and firmware updates, and monitors network performance and fault logging.

All Telos Infinity systems are supplied with a Dashboard Basic license, a single user application suitable for smaller installations with direct online control. Infinity Dashboard Advanced unleashes the full power of Infinity and is designed for systems of any size and complexity. Dashboard Advanced enables multi-user licenses, live and offline configuration changes, Master Control operations (additional license required), advanced device and AoIP stream management and many other features you would expect from a cutting-edge broadcast communications system.   


  • Optimised User Experience

  • Infinity Dashboard Basic application for smaller systems (single license, online control only)

  • Infinity Dashboard Advanced total system control and management (multi-user server application)

  • Online and offline configuration (Dashboard Advanced)

  • Create unlimited Groups, Partylines and IFBs

  • Drag and drop system configuration

  • Manages all Telos Infinity and Telos Alliance AoIP devices

  • Livewire+ AES67 source and destination management (virtual matrix ports)

  • GPIO / Logic configuration and management

  • System backup, save and recall 


Additional Dashboard Licenses:

  • Software Virtual Panel

  • Site to Site Remote Trunk Manager

  • Master Control Operation

  • Advanced Logic Manager

  • Telephone System Manager

  • Network Management and Diagnostics

Infinity Dashboard Software