IQs Container Dep. - Virtual Mixing Console Software  4-Fader Expansion Subscrip

The Axia iQ family takes a bold step into the virtual future with iQs virtual mixing console—the software version of iQx that does not require a physical surface. iQs is the first soft console controlled by a full HTML-5 interface, allowing you to not only control the mix from anywhere, but on any device.


iQs Virtual Mixing Console Software Four Fader Expansion License - Container Deployment - 1 year subscription license (3002-00061-000) Description: iQs console software four fader expansion license for container deployment on customer provided hardware. Each 3002-00061-000 adds four faders to the 3002-00060-000 four fader base license. Up to 24 fader consoles can be created with up to five (5) of these expansion licenses. The iQs system can be used to build custom consoles of sizes from 4 to 24 faders. iQs operates as a console to AES67 / Livewire (Axia) networks. Features include 3 dedicated stereo Program buses, plus a stereo Utility bus that can be used for phone calls, off-air recording, or as a fourth Program bus. Automatic mix-minus is provided on each fader, plus talkback functions, Record Mode, Automixing, Show Profile functions for instant recall of up to 4 pre-defined console “snapshots,” Studio and Control Room monitor controls. Includes a 12 month subscription to the TelosCare PLUS 6000-00001-000 service level agreement (SLA) with initial purchase.

IQs Container Dep. - Virtual Mixing Console Software 4-Fader Expansion Subscrip




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