IQs AE-1000 Factory Preconfigured Hardware server

The Axia iQ family takes a bold step into the virtual future with iQs virtual mixing console—the software version of iQx that does not require a physical surface. iQs is the first soft console controlled by a full HTML-5 interface, allowing you to not only control the mix from anywhere, but on any device.


Telos Alliance AE-1000 Factory Preconfigured (2001-00595-000) Description: Telos Alliance Applications Engine with pre-installed Telos Alliance software (purchased separately). Industrial grade Dual Core ARMv7 up to 2.0GHz. Dual 1GB network ports with PoE support on port 1. 12v DC input with included 110-220VAC power supply. Fanless chassis. Supplemental coverage provided by TelosCare PLUS (6000-00001) service level agreement highly recommended for this product.



IQs AE-1000 Factory Preconfigured Hardware server




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