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MERKUR300 300W

One of the top-class equipment in the new WAIV family of broadcasting transmitters powered by Neetra is MERKUR, a unique solution on the market for the FM Radio operators demanding for top quality audio at a very competitive price level.

The extensive use of high-level Digital Signal Processing gives MERKUR unique features in the audio broadcasting world. The native AES/EBU input module guarantees pure digital quality avoiding the conversion from an analogue source and a legacy analogue input assures top performances even with standard analogue audio.

The FM modulation is implemented by an innovative direct-RF synthesis algorithm with sub-Hz accuracy onto an FPGA-based digital processing core. The result is a frequency-agile transmitter with immediate installation procedure, allowing operators to broadcast their audio content with excellent purity and maximum reliability.


– Crystal Digital Sound purity
– Fully Digital Signal Processing
– Embedded RDS generator
– Auto-calibration at power-on
– Internal 32-bit Digital Signal Processing
– Unbeatable price/performance ratio
– Lifetime firmware upgradeable
– Absolutely no analogue trimming points
– Single-chip Digital Processing guarantees maximum compactness
– Minimum BOM, maximum long-term reliability
– Fully remotely controllable by Web/SNMP interface
– 1pps and 10MHz Inputs for Synchro FM Operation

MERKUR300 300W

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