Omnia VOCO 8

VOCO 8 is more than just a simple mic processor. It's a complete solution for managing microphone audio throughout your entire facility with a comprehensive set of tools such as:

  • “Dominate-It” where the host mic can always be the dominant voice

  • Multiband processing

  • Studio grade mic preamps with phantom power

  • Eight line-level inputs

  • “Session Recall” for convenience

  • Livewire+™/AES67 support

The Omnia VOCO can adapt to nearly any voice or microphone, with factory presets tuned for both male and female voices and various degrees of processing.



  • De-Esser

  • 3-band Noise gate

  • 3-band Processing

  • 4-Band EQ

  • Brick Wall Limiter

Processing Chain Extra Features

  • Low Pass / High filters

  • Phase rotation

  • Dominate-It (reduces the level of other microphones by a predefined level whenever microphones with the Dominate-It feature are active.)

  • Four mix buses

  • Preset sharing between networked VOCO units

  • Share one VOCO between multiple studios

  • Session Recall

  • Control via external automation systems with “Link & Share”

  • 192 kHz Sampling Rate for Processing

  • Processing latency as low as 3 ms


Eight high quality microphone preamplifiers, each switchable to line level analog input, four stereo AES/ EBU inputs (eight mono), Livewire+/AES67 AoIP input



Line level analog, AES/EBU, and Livewire+/AES67 AoIP

Bus Mix

VOCO 8 now supports four mix busses. Each of the eight inputs can be used independently, or assigned to one of these mix busses to “combine” multiple microphones without consuming additional console inputs. This is especially helpful when used with the “Dominate IT” feature for managing a group of guest microphones. 

Omnia VOCO 8