Producer's Mic Control Panel - Studio Control Panels

Designed especially to suit the needs of busy talk show producers, the Producer's Mic Control panel provides control of microphone On/Off/Mute functions, and includes two special Talkback keys so producers can easily converse with studio remote talent. Works with all Axia consoles. 


Options are just a touch away.

Axia consoles are nearly synonymous with “flexibility.” You can save show settings and recall them in an instant… customize backfeeds and routing salvos… share audio sources and control throughout your facility… and that’s just the beginning. Axia helps you customize your studio too, with accessory control panels that work seamlessly with your consoles to give talent fast access to headphone, mic and select switching controls.


Axia Studio Control Panels are a family of options panels designed for flush-mounting in desktop or turret cabinetry. They allow you to place control of headphone source selection, mic off/on control and even GPIO machine control at talent and guest desk positions, where they’re most convenient.

Producer's Mic Control Panel - Studio Control Panels