Radius 8-Fader AoIP Mixing Console

Radius is an all-in-one console system designed for small standalone or networked studios, where no more than eight faders are needed. Like all Axia® consoles, it’s easy to deploy: each Radius control surface is powered by a burly QOR.16 integrated console engine with DSP-powered mixing engine, analog and digital audio I/O, custom Ethernet switch and GPIO ports. The Radius surface connects to the QOR.16 engine with a single CANBus cable.

Radius includes 4 stereo Program buses — 3 dedicated Program, Audition and Utility mixing outputs; the fourth a stereo Utility bus for recording phone callers or other off-air bits. The fourth bus may also be used as an additional Program bus. Automatic mix-minus is provided on each fader, plus talkback functions, one-button off-air Record Mode, Show Profile instant recall of up to 4 pre-defined console “snapshots”, LED bar-graph program meters switchable between VU and PPM meter styles, high- resolution OLED option displays on each fader, and Studio and Control Room monitor controls. Radius can be placed on top of desk surfaces, mounted drop-in style, or rack-mounted using included hardware.


Radius is loaded with features you’d expect to pay much more for. You’ll find three stereo Program buses, and a stereo utility bus that can be used for recording phone calls and off-air bits (or as a fourth Program bus). Automatic mix-minus for every phone caller and remote talent means never having to fiddle with making a manual backfeed. Bright multi-segment LED meters are switchable between VU and PPM styles. High-resolution OLED displays for each fader show source assignments, audio options and more. And Show Profiles that you can program to instantly load talent’s most frequently-used console configurations.


Like all Axia consoles, Radius is built for long-lasting reliability, ready to stand up to anything your operators throw at it, with an EM-tight steel frame, anodized machined aluminum work surface with etched markings that can never rub off, silky-smooth conductive-plastic faders, aircraft-quality switches and rotary controls, and integrated clock/event timer. There are even monitor source and volume controls for an associated studio — something you’d expect to find only in bigger consoles costing much more.


There are also OLED displays on every fader that provide source assignments, pan & balance settings, fader options and more — which means no additional computer monitors or mice to clutter up your studio. The display can also work with the Soft Keys just below to trigger GPIO events, step automation events, and adjust source input options.

Radius 8-Fader AoIP Mixing Console