RDS Encore Radio Data System Encoder

Multi-port, flexible, UECP compliant RDS generation, with MPX generation thrown in for free.

An industry compliant radio data system encoder, supporting multiple IP ports and even boasting a stereo generator at no additional cost.


The RDS Encore is a cost effective RDS/RBDS encoder for your radio station or device. It allows the display of station name, promotions, news, artists and title of currently playing song including RT+ tagging, current time and much more on RDS compatible receivers. 

RDS encoding and decoding in a single box, with stereo encoding and peak control thrown in also, offering the industry the most flexible and value for money RDS solution available. 

Multiple network ports, and full Universal Encoder Communication Protocol (UECP) compliant operation - allow flexible and industry standard operation and inter-operability. 

Radio Test PLUS (RT+), multiple data sets and scrolling PS keep your listeners fully informed and in-house data capability brings in revenue. 

Plan-B silence detection technology automatically reverts to auxiliary audio sources or onboard flash memory, keeping your broadcast on air. 

HTML5, FTP, Telnet, SNMP & RS232 Remote Control with IP streaming allows you to monitor and control your processor from anywhere in the world. Even listen in over an IP connection.

RDS Encore Radio Data System Encoder




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