SoftSurface Virtual Console software for Windows gives you powerful real-time control of your Axia Fusion or Element mixing console from home, office, or anywhere an Internet connection is available. Take direct remote control of your console, or, match SoftSurface directly to an Axia mixing engine to create a “virtual console” without a physical mixing surface. SoftSurface makes an ideal companion for existing consoles and it’s also the perfect audio mixing solution for limited-space locations.


  • Gives full remote control of Fusion or Element consoles paired with Axia StudioEngine mixing engines.
  • Pair directly with an Axia StudioEngine or PowerStation® to create a standalone “soft” console without a physical mixing surface. Supports from 4 to 48 faders in this mode.

  • NTP-capable on-screen time of day clock/calendar.

  • On-screen count-up event timer.

  •  Supports up to four Show Profiles console “snapshots” for instant recall of frequently-used configurations.

  • Control all four program buses and all auxiliary mix buses.

  • Remote control of mic compression, de-essing and expansion capabilities.

  • On-screen control of per-source three-band parametric EQ.

  • Excellent IFB Talkback capabilities let operators talk to other studios, external remote feeds, phone callers or any other source with its own backfeed.

  • Full control of GPIO functions.

  • When paired with Axia consoles equipped with motorized faders, physical fader position automatically mirrors that of the “virtual” SoftSurface fader





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