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SPL-D3 DATEQ - Stock is running out

The SPL-D3 is an advanced audio level display that stores the sound level samples for at least twelve months. The sound level samples can be viewed using the configuration software or externally stored through on a USB FAT32 drive. Other important data is also stored like powering up, sanctions or possible tampering.

Using the configuration software the SPL-D3 can be read out and adjusted.
On release Windows 7 platforms and later are supported. All users can only view settings and logging. To adjust configuration settings an additional password and license file is required. To connect to the SPL-D3 a windows computer with USB support is required.

The SPL-D3 uses a measurement microphone to determine the actual sound level. When measurement shows the sound levels are about to exceed, the display will change from green to orange and red when levels are actually exceeded.

The special calender functions allow for different sound levels during the day and year.

With the special SRL-1 circuit breaker an external warning light can be connected along the the main power supply for example the DJ booth monitor. This way the maximum sound level is always insured without touching the sound quality.

Theatre mode disables the display while sound level is normal. Only on (possible) exceeding the maximum set sound level, the display will turn on again.



– Large, clearly readable digits
– Can be used standalone, or as an extension of the SPL5
– Display is automatically dimmed in a dark environment
– Display-colour changes when the threshold is passed in green orange and red
– Can be linked to the SRL-1 to act as circuitbreaker

– Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
– Display intensity can be adjusted
– Adjustable threshold
– Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted
– Limiter function can be adjusted
– Leq can be adjusted
– Individual display configuration on all 3 displays
– Theatre mode

SPL-D3 DATEQ - Stock is running out

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