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STL - FM Microwave Links (RX)

The new series of STL FM LINKS achieves the goal of uniting the good quality technical specifications and the modern design with a limited price.

All this is possible thanks to the SMD technology used to produce the boards, as well as the design of all the sections with the newest and well-proven technologies allowing to grant uninterrupted functioning without problems, high selectivity and immunity to adjacent channels in the receiver and a higher audio quality.

All input/output connectors are mounted on the boards and all connections between boards are made by means of point-to-point multipolar connectors strongly reducing wiring and making the device reliable and easy to maintain

and repair. The power supply source is wide input range (90-250Vac) switching that is automatically switched to a 24V external battery to ensure continued functioning even in absence of power supplying.

The user interface is 16Cx2R alphanumeric display allowing to monitor and change frequency, forward and reflected power (TX only), temperature (TX only), alarms level, modulation level, battery voltage and remote enable.

All functions are remotely controllable by means of an RS232 or RS485 (internally selectable) interface, while a telemetry port allows to manage some fundamental functions.


– Rack 19” 2U (Tx) / 1U (Rx)
– 90 – 250VAC 50/60Hz Power Supply or 24Vdc battery
– Indication of the main parameters on LCD display
– Alarm thresholds for FWD and REF powers nd Temperature (Tx only)
– Power Supply input on IEC box with double fuse on the chack
– RF Input (Rx) / Output (Tx) with N connector on the rear panel
– MPX Input (Tx) / Output (Rx) with BNC connector on the rear panel
– Audio Input (Tx) / Output (Rx) with XLR connector on the rear panel
– Level adjustment (MPX, Audio, SCA) with multi-turn trimmer on rear panel (Tx only)
– Multifunction display with five buttons
– Remote control by wired or serial (RS232 or RS485) connection
– Headphones output (Rx only)

STL - FM Microwave Links (RX)

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