xSwitch is the world’s only zero-configuration Ethernet switch optimized for Livewire® IP-Audio applications. Fast setup requires only IP address assignment via front-panel OLED display or Axia® iProbe software. Features 8 10/100MBit Ethernet ports — 4 with Power-over-Ethernet to power Axia xNodes, Telos® VSet phones, and other networked devices compatible with the IEEE 802.1af PoE standard. Two Gigabit ports are provided for trunking, both with RJ-45 (copper) and SFP (fiber) connections; supports redundant copper/SFP Gigabit connections with auto-switching. Supports 2,000 Multicast groups and 2,000 ARP table entries (8x more than other small-form Ethernet switches). Web-based management interface uses built-in HTTP server. 9.5” x 11” half-rack form factor allows two xSwitches to be racked side-by-side, or placed in a rackmount with Axia xNode IP-Audio interfaces. Noiseless and fan-free; can be conveniently placed adjacent to your audio devices, rack-mounted using included hardware, or wall-mounted (with an accessory kit available separately).


  • Fanless design with heavy cast-aluminum heat-sinks is completely silent in-studio. Front-panel heat sinks are cooled by ambient air, not “rack air,” eliminating overheating worries.

  • Friendly OLED front-panel display with port status, IP address, PoE status and operating temperature readouts - features not available in other switches in this class.

  • One-button setup eliminates programming and saves hours of setup time.

  • Functions as a core switch for standalone studios, or as an edge switch in larger facilities, or at your Ethernet-connected transmitter site.

  • Allows Axia network admins to add network ports economically, a la carte, instead of 24 or 48 at a time.

  • xSwitch supports IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) Version 2, used to manage Multicast group traffic (an essential part of Livewire’s intelligent audio routing system). 

  • xSwitch can handle up to 2,000 Multicast groups, and 2,000 ARP table entries, meaning it can’t run out of bandwidth. (Other 8-port switches support only 250 groups.)

  • Superior support for low-latency media streams, using four-level hardware strict priority QoS — other switches have only one strict priority queue.

  • Works with Axia iProbe network management software, allowing easy administration from your office
    PC or remotely via WAN connection.

  • Part of Axia’s xNode family, xSwitch can be used as a freestanding device or racked singly or side-by- side with other xSwitch or xNode devices.

  • Premium components include rugged cast faceplate and heat sinks, high-resolution OLED displays, and bulletproof power supplies designed for high-availability telecom applications.





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