YT2200 Intellimix Desktop Mixer

From the way it looks to the way it works, the new Intellimix Desktop Mixer offers a whole new way of intelligent audio mixing. Be it media, audio production or video, your will discover amazing features packed in Red Dot awarded product design.


Already the preceding model changed the way audio mixing is handled. The first generation Intellimix stands for creating the whole new product category of an easy to handle, compact mixer with strong capabilities. The new Intellimix model lifts mixing to the next level.


The Intellimix Desktop Mixer consists of two units. All the inputs and outputs are to be found on the Intellimix’s 19” Base Unit while the Control Unit is where the multitouch widescreen display and all the other operating elements are to be found.


The basic elements of the Intellimix’s Control Unit are its four G-Touch© faders, the multitouch widescreen display and a rotary control. As a whole new fader technology, the G-Touch© faders combine all the existing fader types’ benefits in a whole new way. Receive responsiveness and physical orientation when sliding through the molded groove. Make use of moving faders to preset fader positions and enjoy different fader modes as well as LED bargraph indication options for fader positions.


The Intellimix Base Unit is where the audio-processing takes place. Headphone and microphone inputs are placed directly accessible on the front. All the other in- and outputs can be found on the Base Unit's rear side (see Tech Specs).


Key Features:

-    Red Dot Product Design Award Winner 2017

-    Intuitive control of a wide feature selection

-    4 all new G-Touch© Faders with LED bargraphs and a choice of various fader modes

-    Uncluttered display sections belonging to each individual channel plus one master section

-    Sealed push buttons and a robust rotary control for tactile feedback

-    AoIP on board: built-in Dante 4x4 technology

-    Integrated 16-channel version of Yellowtec’s PUC2 USB Audio Interface

-    APC interfaces allow for multiple extensions like SDI Embedder/De-Embedder

-    SD-Card slot

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YT2200 Intellimix Desktop Mixer