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Pad-Dock YT3275 m!ka

m!ka Pad-Dock. Making most of mobile.

Arm not included! 


By adapting to individual sizes of tablet devices, m!ka Pad-Dock securely fastens your tablet and turns it into an inherent part of your m!ka setup. But still you aren't forced to give up the benefits of a mobile device. Easily detach the tablet from the bracket whenever you want to take it with you.


Key Facts:

  • For use with tablet computers from 160-300mm length/width
  • Extendable brackets adapt to the size of your tablet
  • Holds tablets in landscape and upright orientation
  • Easily detach your tablet computer whenever you want to
  • To be placed on a m!ka Monitor Arm
  • QuickFix for easy installation

Pad-Dock YT3275 m!ka

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