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MMS System Pole 17,5" (44,5cm) YT3640 m!ka black

MMS System Pole 17,5" (44,5cm) YT3640 m!ka black


Developed to hold m!ka Arms and m!ka Accessories, m!ka Poles serve as an important part of the m!ka System. Thanks to differently characterized m!ka Pole versions and various support articles, you experience enormous flexibility when designing your setup. Even with very limited space you will find a great way to arrange your equipment in the best possible way.


Key Facts:

  • Four evenly distributed full-height grooves provide four horizontal positions 
  • Mount up to four m!ka items at the same Pole height
  • Vertical positions and items mounted on top of each other are restricted by Pole height
  • Available in 4 different standard heights (7,09" / 17,5" / 21,5" / 33,3")
  • Customized heights up to 6m (236") on request
  • Slide m!ka Monitor Arms into the grooves to fix them
  • To arrange m!ka Mic Arms, m!ka EasyLift or m!ka Studiolight use a m!ka Pole Adapter
  • One additional m!ka Mic Arm and m!ka Studiolight plugs into top
  • Optionally mount a litt Signaling Device on top of the System Pole
  • Make use of various m!ka System Pole Support items to fix the Pole to your desk or ceiling
  • Internal steel thread for desk mounting on the bottom 
  • Black cover cap for top included

MMS System Pole 17,5" (44,5cm) YT3640 m!ka black

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