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YT5161 iXm 16GB WiFi SD Card

With our 16GB Wifi Card you can upgrade your iXm and take full advantage of the flexibility our iXm Uplink App for iOS and Android offers you. The app is included as a free download version. Use it to connect your iXm Recording Microphone with your mobile device via WiFi and thereby to get a visual overview of your audios.


Use our iXm Uplink App to speed up your editing process by using its functions to archive, trim, edit, tag and upload your audio files wherever you need them and right on location. Whether you want to playback, save, edit or transfer your audio clips to your smartphone or tablet: iXm Uplink makes it a piece of cake. Send your recordings to your studio instantly and enjoy helpful features like meta tags.


Just insert the card to the WiFi card slot on the bottom of your recorder. It is well-protected against accidental ejection. Now you can download soundfiles from your iXm and edit and transfer them via GSM or another WiFi link. You can also distribute *.WAV, *.BWF and MP2 (MPEG1 Layer2) files via e-mail, Dropbox and FTP.

YT5161 iXm 16GB WiFi SD Card

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