Z/IPStream F/XE

Combines Omnia® audio processing with the Fraunhofer MP3 and AAC codecs for high quality processing preparation for podcasting or file based streaming/encoding.


  • Genuine Omnia processing to improve audio levels, loudness and perceived quality.

  • Software only, no special cards required

  • Able to read PCM WAV files, MPEG Layer-2 and MPEG Layer-3 source files.

  • Can automatically send the output file to an FTP server.

  • Can notify the user by email if problems are detected

  • Logs are kept during processing so you can find the source of a problem


Additional Features

  • Read metadata from external files and embed the information as ID3 tags in the output files.

  • Encode the output audio using MP3 or AAC (including HE AAC and HE AAC v2), or save linear PCM WAV audio files.

  • Core processing and encoding uses high-performance, low memory footprint, native application

  • Drop files on FileProcessor for on-demand processing and encoding, or automate your work using FolderBot to watch folders for new files and automatically process them as they arrive.

  • You can define multiple configurations in FileProcessor. Each configuration can process and encode the files with a different set of parameters or send the output to different locations. This makes it easy to define and reuse project-specific configurations.

  • FolderBot watches one or more folders and automatically processes the files as they are added to the folder. Files can be handled differently based on the watched folder.

Z/IPStream F/XE