TVV Sound is market leader in FM network operations in Belgium.

We can advise and implement from the beginning till the end, starting with a little transmitter till a national network. Apart from the services, we can also deliver the devices. (we are exclusive distributor, for outstanding brands,)

The function of TVV Sound involves more than the management and maintenance of transmitters, but includes the following:

Continuous remote off-site monitoring of network performance

Transmission systems operated by TVV Sound have the possibility to continuously monitored from several locations in Belgium with the help of the remote network management solutions. 
 Each system is automatically monitored on - depending on size and options - 200 parameters or more. This information is used to maximize and optimize availability of the system.

Regular on-site checks

Transmission systems are regularly checked on their technical performance

and - if possible - optimized.

At the end of the economical or technical life, they are replaced in full,

so that continuity in performance can be guaranteed and only the latest state-of-the-art equipment is used.

Regular practical performance measurements

The predicted, theoretical coverage of transmitters is checked in the field with the help of coverage analyzers, by cient request.

Frequency management

The practical coverage rights of frequencies are the result of national deployment and international co-ordination. Often, requests for use of frequencies nationally or internationally are submitted to responsible government authorities. Practice has shown that active involvement of the network operator is required to defend and protect existing client rights.

Improvement or extension of frequency networks

Existing networks often offer substantial opportunities for optimization. TVV Sound continuously researches possibilities for improvement or extension of existing client networks. The latest technology and insights are deployed in our clients' networks.

Management and optimization are crucial to each radio station. 

The network's quality is based on a number of factors.

TVV Sound has both the theoretical as well as the practical expertise for all of these factors:


The transmitted signal's quality is directly related to the quality of the primary audio signal, and the means by which it's distributed within the network.


Broadcasting continuity relies on decent back-up facilities for the primary audio signal.


The transmitter setup and the availability of their back up system are of key value for the network's quality.


TVV Sound supplies different types of transmitter configurations, 


Even tough modulation processing is used to create a branded sound image, TVV Sound uses this technique for a different purpose as well.


TVV Sound  equippes all their networks with a RDS encoder, allowing several RDS functions to be used.


The antenna division of TVV Sound is widely known for its innovative antenna solutions.
We use high qualtiy antennas from Aldena


Antenna design is an important part of the total system if the antenna system is not well designed reception will be pour and a lot of energy will not reach its goal. By optimizing a system we make sure the important places within your license will be serviced with the optimal field strength.We design and turnkey build all systems from the biggest FM system in Europe to systems for community radio, 


TVV Sound has many different sites across Belgium.
Together with the customer we look for the best solution on an existing or new site.




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