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Pro Audio Demoday - May 16th 2023


Please register for free before May 1st 2023

If you come with multiple persons from your company, please register each person separately

Thank you, we welcome your presence at our Pro Audio Demoday


  • Info sessions for everyone from the pro audio market, networking 

  • Live demonstration sessions of APG and Active Audio loudspeaker systems

  • Italian pizza buffet from 11:30 – 15:00


Discover, enjoy, test, …..



With a history of over 35 years, it is APG mission to contribute, through innovation, to the evolution of professional audio industry without losing sight of its artistic dimension.  

APG’s aim is to provide high-performance products optimized to the highest degree in all areas: acoustics, reliability, ergonomics, modularity and versatility. 

The real passion for sound combined with a strict scientific rigor, is the foundation for the achievement of a comprehensive range of products which has forged the reputation of the legendary “APG sound”.


  • Live sound solutions / applications

  • Modular Line Array System compact format – UC serie

  • Multifunctional loudspeakers - iX serie

  • Multipurpose subwoofer – iS serie

  • Point Sources speaker – Spot speaker serie

  • Amplifiers & processors


Founded in 2002, Active Audio’s core business is delivery sound reinforcement solutions for acoustically-challenging environments.

Leveraging its expertise in room acoustic issues and investing considerable resources in signal processing, Active Audio began pioneering, developing and manufacturing products designed to improve intelligible speech.  

The Active Audio brand is distributed in over 30 countries.


  • Sound reinforcement solutions for acoustically difficult environments 

  • Beam steering

  • PoE – AES67 – Dante – AoIP speakers 

  • Digitally steerable column loudspeakers – Step-Array serie

  • Single channel column loudspeakers  - Ray-On serie

  • Aesthetic loudspeakers - Vendome serie

  • In-Ceiling speaker - CL62 serie



Audio should always be offered in a safe way. Fortunately, governments are also increasingly aware of this and legislation is being adapted to this. 

The DATEQ limiters are designed to offer this protection while maintaining a very good sound spectrum. DATEQ limiters are of a very high quality level, reliable and extremely user-friendly. 

They protect both guests and owners from excessive noise levels for long periods of time.  

DATEQ's displays also increase awareness. So the visual effect also contributes to a pleasant living environment.


  • Audio limiters - SPL-6TS-MK2 the new standard in latest SPL limiter

  • Loudness displays - SPL-D2 MK2, SPL-D3, SPL EXT3

  • Relais box - SRL1 stage relais

  • Wireless microphones – 800/900/1000 series

  • Tri-O 6 channel 3-zone matrix mixer



The new standard for monitoring and surveillance of PA speaker networks! Do you know if your speaker system really works?  

The Station Audio Control (SAC) is specifically developed for monitoring and surveillance of PA speakers networks, for example on railway station facilities and public areas.

It enables measuring of audio levels from both the line inputs and the amplifier outputs. Deviations from pre-set values are signalled and reported.

Location demoday: CC Nova


Steenweg 92
9810 Eke / Nazareth



T +32 (0)9 3846231

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