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ACE Dateq

Dateq’s most compact Multi-Zone mixer;
the best service meets efficiency!

The DATEQ Ace is a small, but versatile, six channel 19-inch mixer. It is highly suitable for use in dancing-schools, conference centres etc.


12 inputs 6 channels The Ace is equipped with eight line-inputs, and four microphone inputs (channel 1…4) with, for each microphone, a gain-trimmer at the rear, an internal two-band equalizer and phantom-power that can be switched off.

Each microphone channel has a talk-over circuit to improve the speech intelligibility. This circuit, which is triggered by the microphone signal (i.e. it is voice-activated), ensures that this signal overrides all others.

The Talk Over circuit of each microphone channel can be enabled or disabled with an internal jumper. The talk-over function can be disabled with the TalkOver switch on the front. The Talk Over threshold can be adjusted internally.

The Ace has two output-zones. Zone 1 has a triple equalizer, and volume-control. This zone is equipped with balanced and unbalanced outputs. Zone 2 only has a volume-control and unbalanced outputs. Internally this zone can be switched to follow the equalizer settings of the first output.

ACE Dateq

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