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CREW Dateq

Multi-Zone Grand Cru, the most tasteful
compact mixer for the connoisseur

The DATEQ Crew is a seven channel 19-inch mixer. It is highly suitable for use in pubs, dancingschools, conference centres etc. The Crew is equipped with three microphone inputs and 11 stereo-line inputs.


Channel 1 has a talk-over circuit to improve the speech intelligibility. This circuit, which is triggered by the microphone signal from channel 1 (i.e. it is voice-activated), ensures that this signal overrides all others. The talk-over function can be disabled with the TalkOver switch on the front.

By default two output zones are available (master A and master B). These zones have a dual equalizer, balance and gain-control. In addition a maximum of four output modules (outputs zones) can be added. The volume of these additional zones is externally adjustable (with a potentiometer or an external regulation voltage).

Master A output is electronically balanced on XLR and unbalanced on cinch connectors. The balanced output makes it possible to use long signal-cables so that the amplifiers can be placed near to the speakers. Master B and the optional output zones are equipped with unbalanced cinch connectors.

CREW Dateq

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