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Deva - SmartGen 3.1 – Basic RDS/RBDS Encoder

SmartGen 3.1 Encoder is the quick and inexpensive way to have an RDS/RBDS presence. The SmartGem 3.1 is able to transmit basic RDS information such as the Program Service name(PS), Program Identification(PI), Alternative Frequencies(AF), Program Type(PTY). Decoder Information and Music / Speech flag are also supported. USB connectivity makes it easy to program the non-volatile memory using any PC and the supplied Windows® software. After programming, the unit may be disconnected and re-installed at the transmitter site. Though it is not capable of "dynamic" messaging with song titles, SmartGen 3.1 will identify your station by format, display your station's "street name", and continuously transmit any station promo or advertising message to your listeners.


• Very Attractive Price

• Very Good Price-Performance Ratio

• Works with any FM exciter and stereo generator

• PS & Radio Text Scrolling Options

• Built-in dedicated 19kHz source for internal sync

• Fully Digital Synthesis of RDS signal

• Very Intuitive Windows Configuration Software

• MPX Loopthrough & Sidechain Modes

• Supports both RDS & RBDS standards

• Easy Installation and Setup

• 19" Case for high RF immunity

• USB Programming Interfaces

• Proved and reliable hardware for 24/7/365 operating

• Built-in failsafe bypass relay

• Internal or external Pilot / MPX Synchronisation

Deva - SmartGen 3.1 – Basic RDS/RBDS Encoder

SKU: RDS00103
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