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Sound4 - First

SOUND4 FIRST provides all the most important functionalities you need in an FM/HD processor and sets the bar high both in terms of performance and affordability. Designed to deliver a sound of uncompromising quality, this tool gives you 2-band processing, a digital stereo generator and an IMPACT Clipper.


One of the most important advantages of this product is the fact that audio airs just three seconds after powering on the device. This tool is fully BS-412 compliant and comes with an HD Limiter, a Low Distortion Bass Clipper and a Low Distortion FM Limiter. SOUND4 FIRST has Analog, Digital and AES-67/Livewire inputs and outputs, as well as an MPX FM output. It also solves the so-called “blending problem” resulting from the switch of receivers from stereo to mono, bringing you a constant level of clear audio.

The impressive backup functionalities ensure a reliable, uninterrupted audio feed. SOUND4 FIRST provides a streaming output fully compatible with all standard servers, including HLS.


Software Options Available *


There are a number of options and additional features that make the SOUND4 FIRST even more valuable. These include Basic and Full RDS, Streaming Extension, IP TX + RX and Dual IP TX + RX to name but a few. A full list of all software options is available below:

  • Basic RDS Encoder
  • Full RDS Encoder
  • Streaming Extension
  • IP Tx
  • IP Tx2
  • IP Rx
  • IP Rx2
  • IP RX + Tx
  • Dual IP Tx + RX
  • IP Pass Through
  • Emergency URL Player
  • Emergency Audio Player


* All Software Options are subject to an additional payment. For pricing please Contact Us.

SOUND4 FIRST has a compact 1U case and a dual power supply which is a standard feature of all SOUND4 In-box products and ensures uninterrupted operation of the unit, as well as a user-friendly remote control interface to provide clients with easy setup - a clever choice for your station.

Sound4 - First

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