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Sound4 - Impact PCIe

The SOUND4 IMPACT has no competition among the FM/HD processing PCIe-card-based tools not only in the SOUND4 product range, but also on the market all over the world.

An innovative solution based on the latest technological developments, the SOUND4 IMPACT is a multi-functional product of advanced capabilities. Besides being a cutting-edge FM processing tool, it also provides a number of options whose price would constitute a 30-50% price increase if offered by a separate product, such as Basic and Full RDS, WebRadio Streaming, SOUND4 IP Connect (IP codec), local audio backup. The SOUND4 IMPACT effectively combines performance with cost-effectiveness to make it the smartest choice on the market.

The SOUND4 IMPACT is also the first product in the range having unique features that significantly improve FM reception in degraded environments. When developing the product, all of the users who participated in the tests in critical environments found a significant improvement in terms of reception, which guarantees a larger audience in places where frequencies are disturbed.

Sound4 - Impact PCIe

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