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Sound4 - Pulse Eco

SOUND4 PULSE Eco is sound processing technology at its best. No small detail is overlooked in this product which delivers innovation, multifunctionality and dependability in equal measure to produce the consistently loud and clear sound you need. It has a powerful processing chain which includes 2-band input Automatic Gain Control, based on signal strength and no longer on electrical average values. It automatically detects differences in levels to smooth out variations in sound perception. Its structure ensures perfect stability and enhanced vocals combined with a good bass presence.

The SOUND4 PULSE Eco introduces an innovative process - mono and stereo parts of the signal are processed separately to obtain perfect consistency in terms of both sound and level. Therefore, in moving reception, when the FM receiver switches from stereo to mono and back to stereo, the sound variations and changes in level are reduced by over 90%. In the SOUND4 PULSE Eco processing chain, the stereo expander can be used substantially without any limitations.

With the 3-band processor, a single algorithm guarantees the gain in each of the bands in order to complete sound stability. “Coloring” is controlled by the Fidelity parameter, which means that it is possible to have a “purist” and a “colored” sound texture. The 3-band limiter prepares the work of the final limiter and is provided with a very powerful algorithm, simplified to the maximum, so that it is not encumbered with useless parameters.

One of the most significant features of the SOUND4 PULSE Eco is the 4-band parametric equalizer, which is not there to “build a sound” but rather allows some final little touch-up that may be required before the final limiting section.

What is more, this tool has reliable backup capabilities and a number of options. These include Basic and Full RDS, Streaming Extension, IP TX + RX and Dual IP TX + RX to name but a few. It can also perform Internet radio streaming and has six fully configurable encoders supporting MP3, AAC and HE-AAC v1 and v2.

SOUND4 PULSE Eco comes in a convenient, compact 1U case at affordable price and the easy-to-use remote control interface, this is the ultimate sound processing tool.

Sound4 - Pulse Eco

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