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The SRL-1 is build as relay extension box for the SPL3, SPL3TS, SPL5 and SPL-D2 display.

Linked to one of the SPL series limiter or display=, the SRL-1 allows a warning light and power cut out on exceeding the pre-set sound level.

Linked to the SPL-D2, the software allows a sanction threshold, delay and duration set point.


When linked to the SPL3, SPL3TS or SPL5, the SRL-1 will slave to the active state of the limiter. Limiter setting are automatically set for the SRL-1 

SRL-1 linked to the SPL-D2

Linked to the SPL-D2, the SRL-1 allows to act as a circuit breaker when exceeding the preset sound level. Before switching off power a warning light signals the user during sanction delay. By setting the green/red threshold point, the SRL-1 maximum sound level is preset. When exceeding the sound level the SRL-1 will switch off power after the preset delay time + 5 seconds.

The SPL-D2 will blink the yellow letters dB during sanction delay time.

When the sanction reset time has reached the SRL-1 will restore power.


SKU: 04648
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