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BRUZZ – Pathfinder Core Pro

Some time ago, TVV Sound renewed all BRUZZ radio studios with an Axia AoIP system in combination with the first generation of Axia Pathfinder. A few weeks ago, BRUZZ switched to the latest generation of Axia Pathfinder (Axia Pathfinder Core Pro.) The new system integration includes:

  • HTML5 page of Pathfinder available everywhere for monitoring BRUZZ but also its sister station BRUZZ ICE. On this webpage you have an overview of the status of the 2 products. (Studio1/2, Deva emergency player, Zenon emergency player is active, as well as audio levels of the audiostream, videostream, DAB+ and FM signal.) With this webpage you can also manually switch everything and listen in on all the different signals in the technical regie.

  • Zenon integration for BRUZZ ICE. The newly launched sister station of BRUZZ ICE is completely controlled via Pathfinder. The playout system sends TCP triggers to Pathfinder when the ICE player has to start and stop and will simultaneously adjust the preselected routing via the VMIX in the Axia Fusion Powerstation, this VMIX ensures that you can fade in and fade out nicely. Pathfinder will also simultaneously send TCP triggers to the BRUZZ ICE playout system to start and stop the player. A confirmation is therefore sent by BRUZZ ICE player via TCP commands to Pathfinder. All this can also be followed nicely on the custom HTML5 page.

  • Visual radio vMix. At the same time as switching the BRUZZ ICE player, Pathfinder will also send commands to TVV Sound's own software created by Schiettecatte J. which will convert Pathfinder TCP commands into HTTP requests for video streaming software vMix.

  • Via Pathfinder an integration of the existing intercom system of the video regie intercom system with the Axia Fusion and QOR32 intercom system.

  • Self-created software from TVV Sound by Schiettecatte J. for controlling FM RDS for radiotext and radiotext + (plus), as well as software for controlling metadata for the stream.

You can listen and watch BRUZZ and BRUZZ ICE at::

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