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Newcomer to the digital radio world!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Another newcomer to the radio world POTZ.

The technical infrastructure performed by TVV Sound.

The new radio station is now housed in a unique location.

The Elindus Arena, the stadium of SV Zulte Waregem.

The football temple is only a temporary solution, because POTZ must be housed by the end of 2023 in the Padel Dôme in Ingelmunster, where a hypermodern studio complex will be built.

The radio studio currently consists of an Axia QOR16 in combination with an IQ8 mainframe.

The AudioTechnica microphone is mobile thanks to the yellowtec microphone arm. This microphone arm is equipped with a built-in LED. This microphone arm is controlled with our own in-house product, the AeroAudio MOS UNO.

This device ensures that the LED will light up red when the microphone is activated and when the microphone is idle, it will dim white light. Headphone amplifier is also from our own house product the AeroAudio HPAMP Table Mount.

Microphone processing is done via Sound4 BigVoice microphone processor. DAB+ processing is done via the Omnia Volt processor.

For the stream we work with the Telos Z/IP Stream R1. This device is also equipped with built-in Omnia processing.

For sending the signal to the DAB+ provider, we work with Comrex BRIC codecs as well as Deva DB codecs.

Caliope broadcast software has been chosen for the playout system!

POTZ has great ambitions and has so far fulfilled them with a line up of DJs such as; Robert Abigail, Disco Dasco, Geert Pots, Mathieu De Blauwe, and many more.

POTZ can be heard since December 1 on all digital platforms as well as on DAB+ channel 5A/5D.

For more information about Project POTZ radio.:

For more information about studio's, please contact us:

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