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Project Wolf - New digital AoIP studio.

What is Project wolf? Project Wolf was founded in 2012 and is the media lab of the youth service of the city of Mechelen. Everyone between 16 and 25 years old with a passion or interest for media can come there.

Young people come together at Project Wolf for workshops, the loan of professional material, discover their own talents and skills, but above all experiment!

TVV Sound Project installed an analog broadcast mixer 8 years ago.

It was time for the step to the digital audio over ip world! The new AoIP (Audio over IP) digital studio from Axia consists of an Axia DSP QOR32 in combination with an Axia IQ Mainframe and a Axia IQ Expansion frame.

The playout software used is Caliope Broadcast software.

Streaming is done by Telos Z/IP Stream R1 with build in Omnia processing.

For more information about Project wolf.:

For more information about studio's, please contact us:

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