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TOPradio - New studios!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

TVV Sound Project installed a new hyper modern studio complex for TOPradio!

TVV Sound Project has fully executed this project. Consisting of 2 studios box in a box systems, technical room, office space, meeting room, kitchen, etc..

These are all equipped with a ventilation system, air conditioning, visualradio system, renewed electricity and network.

The Black Yellowtec M!Ka microphone and monitor arms provide a very nice aesthetic touch and at the same time they are very easy to use!

AeroAudio MOS UNO is used for the red/white circuit of the Yellowtec m!ka arms.

We use the AeroAudio MOS LED to switch the LED strip in the furniture.

It switches to red for onair contact, flashing green for telephone contact and white for neutral. Colors can be adjusted to your own wishes as well as all dimming functions. More information can be found on the AeroAudio website:

Via pathfinder core pro a lot of extensive configuration has been made that ensures that the two studios are very flexible, there are also custom HTML pages made for the following things:

  • You can listen to each edition separately as well as all streams per studio.

  • Technical staff have their own page to take over any studio anytime, anywhere.

  • Monitoring panel of all editions and streams.

  • etc..

Renewing the studio also involved renewing the playout software.

Caliope Broadcast Software includes everything a radio station needs. Such as player, jingelpad, scheduler software, advertising scheduler software, advertising players, multi players for internet stream stations, etc.

The studio is also provided with a bidirectional bluetooth gadget from Angry Audio. This device can be used to connect any bluetooth device to the studio bidrectional.

So phone/skype/whatsapp/... calls without any fysical connection are done on the fly!

We also use Telos VX Prime VOIP SIP hybrid system for the main telephone system for the studios.

The studio was first digitally designed according to the wishes of the customer.

The customer gets a clear pictures and videos of how his future furniture / studio will be looking through a 3D model.

This means that all adjustments can happen quickly before going in production.

For more information about TOPradio.:

For more information about studio's, please contact us:

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