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Belgian Radio Days 2017 - First edition was a succes!

Updated: May 23, 2019

The Belgian Radio Days 2017 has taken place for the first time on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 March 2017. On the basis of workshops and live demos, such as DAB + channels, antennas, audio processing and radio automation.

The idea of ​​the Belgian Radio Days comes from Edo Dijkstra, manager of TVV sound from Nazareth. "Flanders has not had its own broadcast fair for years," he says. “I felt the push from suppliers to come and demonstrate their products, but that was no longer possible in Belgium. In the Netherlands there is still a scholarship but 95% is dedicated to TV. I especially wanted to put the radio event back in the spotlight. ”

The timing is particularly good, because at the end of this year the permits for all local radios will expire and the new frequency plan will undoubtedly provide network and local radios that have to look behind the right transmitter and antenna system or audio processing. You can already get some ideas at the expo.

Demo of 10 kW transmitter

On March 17 and 18 there were live demos from FM and DAB + stations, digital radio consoles, RDS and radio automation. "Three producers were present and present their channels: Neetra, Syes and Rohde & Schwarz," says Edo proudly. “We had a temporary license and we broadcast on test frequencies with channels of 5 and 10 kilowatts. The 10 kW transmitter will only work on dummy load. "

Every hour there were information sessions about antenna design, broadcast software and audio processing. For example, Frank Foti, president and founder of Omnia (now part of Telos) has given workshops where interested parties were asking a hundred questions about audio processing, presets and all possible software settings.

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