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Radio Jess FM - Visit from Flemish Minister of Media Benjamin Dalle!

TVV Sound Project installed a new studio for radio Jess FM and received a visit from Flemish Minister of Media Benjamin Dalle.

The new AoIP (Audio over IP) digital studio from Axia consists of an Axia DSP QOR32 in combination with an Axia IQ Mainframe and a Axia IQ Expansion frame. The Yellowtec M!Ka microphone and monitor arms provide a very nice aesthetic touch and at the same time they are very easy to use!

The studio is also provided with a bidirectional bluetooth gadget from Angry Audio. This device can be used to connect any bluetooth device to the studio bidrectional.

So phone/skype/whatsapp/... calls without any fysical connection are done on the fly!

Audio processing is done with the Omnia Volt processor and the audio transport to the transmitter site's are done with Deva broadcast codecs. For streaming they opted for the Telos R1 streamer with built-in omnia processing.

The studio was first digitally designed according to the wishes of the customer.

The customer gets a clear pictures and videos of how his future furniture / studio will be looking through a 3D model.

This means that all adjustments can happen quickly before going in production.

For more information about Project Jess FM.:

For more information about studio's, please contact us:

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