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Total concept, from 3D sketch to finished studio.


We can assist with engineering, designing, installation and support for all kinds of radio and TV studios.

Our biggest eyecather:  handmade furniture, entirely according to your wishes 

Social Media ingest

Engage your audience with social media

Our RADIO Windows app gives you moderation of your feed.

It let’s you browse, edit and select messages from Facebook and Twitter.
The system automatically displays these messages on the live video program.


TVV Sound Project creates your dream studio! 

Do you have an idea what your studio needs to look like or do you give us carte blanche?

We design a total concept for your studio custom made!
We work out everything in detail with the client's demands.

The customer gets a clear pictures and videos of how his future furniture / studio will be looking through a 3D model.
This means that all adjustments can happen quickly before going in production.


View our latest projects

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We can help you find the right solution for your pro-audio setup, for recording studio, radio studios and TV studios, supply and install equipment or do Complete studio installations, for fixed as well as mobile systems.



OnAir Radio is our fully integrated software automation system for radio stations. OnAir Radio contains everything you need to run your radio station: playout, music scheduler, multiple carts, jingle machine, audio logger, music library, crossover editor and integrated RDS. OnAir Radio is a highly automated system, making your operation very efficient.  Besides automating radio stations of all sizes, OnAir Radio excels  in managing multiple stations and in the broadcasting of alternating blocks to different regions.


OnAir Spots is our software system for the scheduling of both radio and tv commercials.  OnAir Spots is a flexible commercial planner that contains all features and reports that you need to manage your commercial scheduling operation for both radio and TV.  OnAir Spots is an user friendly and highly automated system, making your operation very efficient. Besides automating the commercial planning of radio and TV stations of any size, OnAir Spots excels  in planning commercials for multiple stations and in the planning of different commercial blocks to different regions.


With OnAir WebX you can edit cross-overs and record voicetracks with just a browser.


OnAir Desk is the bridge between your broadcast software and the outside world.

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